Post Traumatic Stress After Childbirth (PTSD)

New mum Emma talks about her experience of having Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and anxiety after a difficult birth, and how she got help to recover.

This is one of over 300 films in our Baby Buddy app and one of three new films that Best Beginnings has created in collaboration with the Maternal Mental Health Alliance, Dr Alain Gregoire and the DJ and mental health campaigner Neev Spencer. We created this series of films to support the mental health of pregnant women and new mothers during COVID and to remind them that help is available and that it is important that you reach out for it if you need it.

Baby Buddy is an evidence-based and NHS approved pregnancy and parenting app that Best Beginnings created to help all children have the best start in life and reduce inequalities in child health. Baby Buddy were developed in co-creation with parents and professionals to empower and inform parents of all backgrounds to have the knowledge and confidence to look after their own mental and physical health and maximise their baby’s physical, emotional and language development.

As well as over 300 films, Baby Buddy provides daily information through pregnancy until and until your baby is six months old. It also includes hundreds of FAQs and a number of interactive features.

The phone app version of Baby Buddy is only available in the UK and can be downloaded:
It includes a number of interactive features including an editable “digital best friend”, a goal setting feature and 24/7 access to the Baby Buddy Crisis Text Messenger if you are in emotional distress.

For the rest of the world, Baby Buddy is available as a web-app providing the daily information, the films and the FAQs but not the interactive features.

The UK version of the Baby Buddy web app can be found here:

The Cyprus version of the Baby Buddy web-app is available in Greek, Turkish, English, Russian and Arabic and can be found here:

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Community Practitioners and Health Visitors Association
British Society of Paediatric Dentistry

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