Post Traumatic Stress BreakThrough into BEING FLOW with Tim and Sara

PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a big problem these days.

But, What if we could shift that into Post Traumatic Stress Breakthrough?

What’s your capacity for success? Will you have a Post Traumatic Stress Breakthrough – or, get pulled down into the swamp like so many others have?

You might be interested to know that Crossing the Chasm “out there” is really a function of Mastering the Swamp “in here”.

In the past, it was possible to Master the Swamp by sheer force of will, mental toughness, and fight, what is currently called The Fear Response.

We have an alternative we call, The Flow Response.

Join our real convo on the Journey of following your heart with Co-Founder of Light Core and the Flow Response @Tim Glover and
Founder of Flow Network Sara Di Felice

Join our Free workshop hosted by WeWork,
from 5:00 – 6:30,

June 27, July 4, 11 and 18.

Source: Youtube