Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – 22 push ups – Day 1- start moving

Some of my students challenged me to do the 22pushupchallenge to raise awareness for the devastating effects of Post Traumatic stress disorder on the lives of serviceman, servicewoman & their families.

As a teacher I can only support my students in this challenge and motivate others to do the same.
So I am doing 22 press ups consecutively for 22 days.
I’m going to make some CREATIVE video’s to change it up a little bit.
I made these video’s for my instagram but I wanted to share them here to spread more awareness, because this is really important.


We shine a light to support and help safe live…
And remember that physical activity is an integral part of healing and feeling good.

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Comment: “Stay active” to support the challenge.

And remember it’s better to be the one that smiles than to be the one that doesn’t smile back.

Music by: jeff kaalle
camera: Iphone
Edit: Iphone imovie

Source: Youtube