Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Case Study, Social Work Diagnosis Video

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Social Work Diagnosis Video, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Case Study

Welcome to a preview of a Symptom Media DSM 5 Guided case on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Symptom Media is an online collection of over 500 mental health films, including Assessment Tools, DSM 5 and ICD 10 guided cases. Visit for a free trial.

Professors, educators, students use Symptom Media’s films, and professionals of psychology, social work, psych mental health nursing, occupational therapy, psychiatry, law enforcement and more.

DSM 5 & ICD 10 Guided films can be integrated into assignments, assessments, and tests to increase clinical competency. DSM 5 & ICD 10 Guided films can also be used to help identify nonverbal and body language cues, as visual anchors for lecture and discussion, for professional and continuing education reviews, and more.

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