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Hi Everyone!

It has been on my heart for a while now to make this very personal video. I want to share my story of post traumatic stress and how I was able to heal. I am hoping that this can help at least one person have hope and move forward with their lives.

I especially would like this to bring awareness to to post traumatic stress for mothers and or other people who have experienced trauma.

I plan on posting videos once a week moving forward, continuing to encourage, inspire and love! God is good! Real good!!!!

Thank you for being part of my journey here on YouTube! I love you guys!!!

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What is PTSD? ( for mothers in particular)

What is EMDR Therapy?

Informational YouTube video:

*Helpful Book: The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma

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About Me: Hi! Welcome to my channel. I love the Lord! I am a wife, mom of two beautiful children and I love my family. We have a short time here on earth, let’s make the most of it! I believe that we shouldn’t waste our time trying to be “PERFECT.” I struggle with fear all of the time, but I want to LIVE anyway and DO anyway! I was a high school Spanish teacher for 8 years before I became a mother. I loved it but wanted to be with my children and felt like there was something more that I needed to do. I want to share on YouTube as a way to say thank you to God for giving me my life and all of my blessings. Come join me on my journey and let’s do what we were meant to do! I love asking questions and helping others along their journey so maybe I will be of assistance to you! God bless you! LOVE you and I can’t wait to connect! XOXOXO— Brandis

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