Post-traumatic stress disorder: Expert's view via Skype

Let’s try getting a better sense of what must be going through the minds of those who survived – those who went through this traumatic experience as well as the mental and physical status of the families of the missing.
Dr. Renzo Mattei joins us live via Skype from Naples, Italy. He is a medical doctor and Vice President of the International Disaster Medicine Association.

Dr. Renzo Mattei, thank you for joining us.

The focus in this country has largely been on the accident itself and search and rescue operations… but also critical are the psychological status of those who survived this tragic accident. We have already seen suicides by those who survived this ordeal.
Based on your medical expertise, what are they going through?

Also of concern, at this point, is the quickly deteriorating health conditions of the families of the missing. They have been camping out at an auditorium nearby the accident site for six days now… undergoing unimaginable amount of stress.
How should they be looked after?

The general public here in Korea has been following news of this ferry tragedy… many in disbelief, sadness… anger and despair.
What as a nation do we need to do to overcome this experience and move forward?

Dr. Renzo Mattei joins us live via Skype from Naples, Italy… thanks so much for speaking with us.

Source: Youtube