Post Traumatic Stress Disorder In First Responders / A song to help raise awareness

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder #awareness in #FirstResponders ‘A Hero Can Burn’ by #JimmyCliff

‘A Hero Can Burn’ is the very first song ‘Angel’ wrote. It’s extremely sentimental to her, because it was written about someone she loves who was suffering terribly with the symptoms of PTSD. Someone she had almost lost. This person’s STRENGTH and COURAGE is what INSPIRED her to write many more songs that support First Responders and Military Veterans who may also suffer the same toxic disorder. Also donating with a good portion of profits from these songs towards organisations aiding in their PTSD support programs. That person is the reason this cause exists! Jimmy and Angel hope that this song touches many hearts and encourages more respect towards our Veterans and all FirstResponders for everything they do for us, including the pain they can often endure along the way…all for and because of us. Angel feels so very fortunate that she has collaborated with such a pure and meaningful voice behind each song…The voice of Jimmy Cliff. Jimmy is all about “giving back to those who have given so much”. He has recently joined Instagram with username: @jimmycliff777. ‘The Jimmy Cliff & Angel Duo’ s cause is on Facebook: ‘Music Towards Police And Military #PTSD ‘ with a NEW PUBLIC GROUP for First Responders and Veterans who suffer PTSD and wish to communicate with each other through the ups and downs:

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