Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: ***LAS – LEGAL ABUSE SYNDROME*** Pt 1

Based on my personal experiences with the CANADIAN “JUSTICE” SYSTEM, this document is a window into the very thing that the CROWN appears to use as the basis of their BUSINESS PLAN. This is the WS&IB modus operandi by interfering with certified medical professionals in a fixed system of CORRUPTION.

The system is BROKEN but working EXACTLY AS IT IS DESIGNED TO…(if you are paying attention)

This is Part 1 of an oral reading of:

“Judicial System Inaccessibility for Those with Psychiatric Injury – Legal Abuse Syndrome as a Psychiatric Injury and Diagnosable Subcategory of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder”

by Karin Huffer, M.S., M.F.T. and Barbara Parrett, M.S., R.N., C.N.S.

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Paragraph 2, Pg 4 of 25:
“Psychiatric injuries result from a person feeling in severe jeopardy while being held helpless as to self-protection. The person suffering from Legal Abuse Syndrome will present with or develop any combination of…psychobiological abnormalities. Think about it, PTSD LAS is a pyschobiosociolegal problem. Human physiology keeps the score and explains the basis for traumatic reaction that follows a severe usually invisible impact event in the Court. The event is usually traced to the moment adjudication favors the side committing fraud on the court through misinformation be used as strategy. There is no rational defense against a lie leaving the one defrauded helpless in the face of jeopardy; the formula for PTSD.”

From paragraph 1, Pg 5 of 25:
“…These disenfranchised people challenge the standards and procedures of the court due to their inability to withstand the rigors and requirements of putting an effective legal case together…”

From paragraph 2, Pg 5 of 25:
“…Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD is one of the invisible afflictions that substantially affect the person’s ability to function effectively, especially being able to bear up to the emotional and verbal demands of a legal process…80% of litigants will wither as their immune systems fail and severe physical symptoms take their toll.”

From last paragraph, Pg 7 of 25:
“…The court often misses the fact that PTSD is in the picture and that the demands of the entire matter leading to the legal process as well as the process itself can be creating a secondary, complex PTSD called Legal Abuse Syndrome. Further the conditions for an assessment to be effective are difficult to achieve in an adversarial environment. There has to be a degree of psychological safety in order to perform a valid assessment. Psychological assessments routinely ordered by the court are designed to measure mental illness. Complex PTSD is a Psychiatric Injury not a mental illness. Therefore the assessment of this condition expands the usual assessment parameters.”

**In Part 2, at 43:33 there is the Appendices Section which contains reference to the clinical differences between Mental Illness and Psychiatric Injury**

NOTE: This is meant to provoke conversations that need to be discussed and examined and hopefully lead to some form of change, even if it may be worth discussion for greater understanding of the real issues facing the ABUSE of disabled Canadians and issues of Patient Safety in Canada and everywhere.

Whether by error, omission or deliberate does not matter;
the FACT that this EXISTS within ALL SYSTEMS

PLEASE, feel free to support this by sending an email link to Mr Trudeau and/or other politicians, ie Justice Minister and/or the NEWS? a link to these videos…they are trying very hard NOT to be aware of ANY of the CONTINUED ABUSE of the “disabled” (and abuse of our ‘caregivers’ and families) in Canada and elsewhere.



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