post traumatic stress disorder (ptsd) documentary videolog

What is ptsd (post traumatic stress disorder) and how does the reality of a person with ptsd look like? This is the reality of someone who suffers from post traumatic stress disorder from a person who has been diagnosed with ptsd twice. Ptsd is essentially post traumatic stress disorder and a person with ptsd experiences post traumatic stress after experiencing a traumatic event. I went through a series of traumatic events when I was a teenager which I never got completely over. I have accepted the reality of this but am taking steps to heal myself and my nervous system as much as I possible can. In the next few episodes on my channel I’ll talk a bit about this and show how I got grip again over my ptsd symptoms and life through both extensive emdr therapy and individual exposure therapy. If you or any of your loved ones are suffering from ptsd, know you are not alone. I love you and we got this okay.

Please do ask for help if you are in need of help.

This video helped me understand ptsd and relapsing in ptsd better

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Through the internet millions of strangers are connected—yet many of us feel alone. Let’s be friends is an interactive community of internet strangers: for anyone who is feeling alone, in need of a friend, a simple recognition of their existence being worthy or a place to vent 💙


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