Post Traumatic stress with Mr. L. Moses Frazier

Post traumatic stress is a chemical in balance in the mind caused by some sort of trauma that a person has experienced. signs of flashbacks, bad dreams, avoiding certain places or things, anxiety, panic attacks, feeling threatened by everything, angry outburst, being easily startled, lashing out, you are always on alarm. post traumatic stress it’s not only caused by war. If you have experienced any type of assault, or rape, abuse, car accident, serious illness, (Cancer) loss of a love one, natural disaster (pandemic). If You are experiencing any type of low mood sadness, guilt, isolation, hopelessness, helplessness. signs found in children suffering with PTSD are, wet the bed, clinging onto the parents, they stop talking, act out, outbursts, low mood, and fear. Please seek help, counseling or intervention. PTSD is a mental disorder that can lead to suicide. Please take this illness seriously, thank you.

Source: Youtube