Postpartum and Maternal PTSD Awareness – Yoga

Hi friends! Today, we are practicing yoga to raise awareness for Postpartum and Maternal PTSD, to end stigma, and to fundraise for 2020 MOM! This is an organization that advocates for maternal mental health services. Thanks for joining me.
At the end of this month, we will be remembering those of us who experience the silent battle against PTSD. Often, this stress related disorder is associated with military personnel who come back with PTSD after combat. However, almost anyone can develop PTSD after a life-threatening experience.

So we will be honoring Mamas who are experiencing or who have gone through the battle of postpartum PTSD. Since approximately 9% of new moms may develop PTSD during pregnancy, during delivery, or in the postpartum period, I refer to this condition collectively as Maternal PTSD (instead of postpartum PTSD). This condition can be brought on by many different causes, but the effects are the same; reliving the traumatic experience, emotional disturbances, lack of sleep, changes in mood, avoidance, and difficulty bonding with your newborn or connecting with friends and family, as well as other symptoms.

I have decided to dedicate a special yoga class to raise money for 2020 Moms this month, which is an organization that advocates for improved maternal mental health care. No mamas should have to face PTSD alone. There is help available! Join me in promoting maternal mental health this month by donating to 2020 Mom, and sign up for our June 27 Maternal PTSD Awareness Yoga Class!
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