Posttraumatic stress disorder (healing codes & sound)

healing codes:25 37 536

Know that they will improve with practice in their use.
The spaces between the numbers are IMPORTANT – be sure to copy
them exactly as written for them to work.
There are three ways to use the codes:
1:write it on the part of the body, or on a sticker and stick it on the body
anywhere in the aura.
2:write it in the air over the part of the body.
3:pull up anything that has the numbers on it online,
on your phone or tablet, make the number big on the screen,
and hold it over the body part or food item you wish to apply the code
with the intent to use it.
In all three methods, Archangel Raphael and Divine Mother
will actually BE present and provide the power from where
themselves for the code to work.
This is energy healing. It is like Reiki. Reiki always helps and has no side effects. However, healing can take place on deeper levels than what meets the eye. Illness is the result of an energy imbalance that is very difficult for most people besides psychic healers to see. When the imbalance is not corrected, it manifests in the physical body. So remember when you are using energy medicine, the healing goes to both the underlying energy imbalance and the physical. Sometimes the physical heals first, like in my son. Sometimes the deeper healing takes place. Either way, healing is happening, and you will have to trust in it.

Source: Youtube