Power To Sing Defiantly (PTSD)

Original song by Yurika Chiba
Recorded 12/17/18

**Note: I do not mean to belittle the experiences of PTSD of other people. This song is an expression of working through my own experience and is part 2 of another private PTSD song I wrote.

Power to Sing Defiantly (PTSD)

I’ve got
Power To See Darkness and to see the light
Power To Sing Duets with myself
Power To Speak Directly about my heart
And not leave feelings on the shelf

I’ve got
Power To Shout “Don’t believe I won’t return!”
Power To Shift Down to quietness
Power To Smile Daily at the little things
You sometimes need when you’re a mess

If you want to hear the letters out loud
Then I have to say them and be proud
I will tell you what they mean to me now
I intend to use them, this is how

I’ve got
Power To Soar Despite what has come my way
Power To Sleep Dreaming future dreams
Power To Sparkle Deflecting nagging doubts
Or at least find silver linings in the seams

I’ve got
Power To Seize Days for things that matter most
Power To Share Dorky jokes with friends
Power To Shed Darkness and to find the light
And to know this is not the end

Source: Youtube