PRANAVA Mantra 108 Om Mantra Chanting I Meditation Mantra

This is recommended for Meditation and those who are suffering from insomnia, nervousness, blood pressure, depression and mental disorders and also for treating drug/alcoholic addiction…
Can be used in temples, prayer rooms, office, shops and factories.
Pranava meditation: one can easily hear their own heart.
a person can modify the pace of their heart.
a group of people can synchronize their heartbeats
To every mantra, OM, the Pranava, is added on. And without ‘OM’ no sacred chant has its power. Just as a living body has no vitality when the life-giving breath is not flowing through its veins, so too, a mantra has no life in it without the addition of the Pranava.
OM meditation is said to cure many illnesses. The vibrations that it creates give a sense of positivity to your life. It is believed that OM meditation takes you closer to God. Om meditation brings in self-realization and a feeling of oneness with the Lord.
OM meditation is believed to be a stress buster. It helps in calming the brain. Studies show that meditation also helps in relieving the symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder. OM meditation works wonders for those who with low self esteem if they practice meditation regularly.
The word ‘OM’ contains a cosmic positive energy which helps in creating positive vibrations and gives a divine feeling. Among all benefits that meditation offers you, the most important of all is that it helps you relieve yourself from thoughts that obstruct your thinking process. Also, one can practice Sakshi Bhavana while meditating. Sakshi Bhavana is a process in yoga where you witness thoughts coming in and going out of your mind

Source: Youtube