Pregnant And Alone During Covid-19 With Pre-Eclampsia And Mental Disorders

This Video Is For Anyone Who Has Ever Came Close To Losing Their Lives Or The Life Of Your Child’s During Labor And Had To Have An Emergency C-Section To Save Your Child💖 It Is For Anyone Who Is Having To Go Through This During This Pandemic. Having To Make Videos To Your Husband And Child At Home Because Their Not Allowed To Be There. Please Like And Subscribe And Share Your Stories Of Pre-Eclampsia And Post Traumatic Stress Disorder With Post Partum Depression Or Covid-19🙏 My Mammaw Was Only Allowed In When We Arrived Because I was High Risk And She Had Came A long Way With Me. She Had To Leave After I Had The Surgery So I Had To Make Videos For My Husband At Home With Our 4 Year Old, The Whole Time I Was In That Hospital After Mammaw Had To Leave, All I Could Do Was Cry Uncontrollably💖Music Credit Goes To Avril Lavigne With Head Above Water…As Pictured In The Video To Credit Her For This Beautiful Song She Wrote About Her Struggle With Lymes Disease. God Bless Avril Lavigne And All Of You💖💖

Source: Youtube