Professor Zachary Steel – University of New South Wales (Keynote speech)

“Identifying and recognising complex PTSD”.

It has long been recognised that exposure to prolonged or severe interpersonal trauma, neglect and abuse results in clinical presentations that are not adequately captured by the diagnosis
of PTSD. Clinical accounts of more complex traumatic stress presentations date from early work with Holocaust Survivors and was captured by Judith Herman’s 1992 description of complex PTSD.

After 20+ years in the wilderness, complex PTSD has been recognised in ICD-11 due to an emerging body of research validating the construct of complex PTSD. A key feature of this new definition of complex PTSD is the identification of disturbances in self-organisation comprises affective dysregulation, negative self-concept and disturbances in relationships in addition to core PTSD symptoms of reexperiencing, avoidance and sense of threat.

Recorded as part of WorkSafe Tasmania PTSD: “Mental Health Matters” Conference, 14th October 2019.

Source: Youtube