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Hi, I’m Rich Bucheri from Poynter and Bucheri and today I want to talk about post-traumatic stress disorder and how that is often something that is overlooked in a person’s auto accident claim or any type of injury claim.

If you are in a car accident, let’s say you’re driving on the interstate and somebody bumps you and your car spins and hits the embankment, maybe you have your children in the car, something like that, then obviously that’s going to be a very traumatic experience that could have long-term ramifications for you, even though maybe physically you did not sustain injuries because maybe your airbags did a good job of keeping you from getting hurt or you’re generally in pretty good physical shape.

But the way this post-traumatic stress disorder manifests itself is that maybe later on down the road when you are driving, you start to get panicky and you start to relive the situation where you were in the car accident before. It’s maybe easier for you to get extremely upset or angry. You have a hard time going to sleep at night. You have a hard time being ability to concentrate. And maybe you’re jumpier than usual.

So it’s very, very important that if you think that you have this post-traumatic stress disorder, that you go get checked out by a professional, because you need to have this diagnosed, preferably by a psychiatrist, so that they can identify what symptoms qualify you to have this post-traumatic stress disorder diagnosis, and then also to get you on a treatment program of some sort to be able to deal with it. Obviously physical things eventually, most usually, are able to heal themselves over time with physical therapy, but an untreated post-traumatic stress disorder diagnosis can linger with you for the rest of your life if you don’t do something about it, and so it’s very important that you get that diagnosis.

It’s very important that if this did happen to you as a result of a car accident, that you seek fair compensation for that, and that is an element that your attorney is making sure that the insurance company is aware of in determining what your total damages are.

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