Psalm 119 after Narcissistic abuse

I do not want to label him.But after a 2 year long relationship I can see how he showed through many traits of narcissism.There was a woman that I know for certain was a narcissist in my experience in uni that was very mischievous as well…I can’t explain…just wicked.

This was recorded while in great suffering because I loved him.This is not a form of retaliation if my “judgement”/perception is right and he truly Is a narcissist than I hope he will find the light.Jesus Christ.

I recorded this because the Lord lead me to this psalm and I thought it could help some of you out there that may feel they left an abusive relationshionship or are in one.
I understand this may make me a target of retaliation but at this point I almost no longer care.
I don’t wish evil on that person I wish He would heal.
But first Ill need some healing for myself Ill need the Lord to restore my heart : so I started with this psalm hope it will bless you too if you’re going through the same situation or are having ptsd (post traumatic stress disorder) symptoms like anxiety…although I really wish you are not, but its almost impossible no to feel that way.May the Lord Jesus Christ. (yeshua hamaschiah)be with us

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