PTS WAR by Robert Preston ( A song about PTSD Post Traumatic Stress )

I dedicate this song to all the war veterans out there that have fought for our freedom & anyone who has suffered the effects of PTSD, this song is for you… I wrote it knowing how it feels to suffer from post traumatic stress disorder.
music heals invisible wounds…
This my second you tube post` my first being After The Rain… This song is about how i felt when experiencing the effects of PTSD,
i wrote it & recorded it in less than a week as it was bugging me,
i recorded it using a line 6 spider jam amp` it was intense as the internal memory is so small, i had to lose many takes in order to transfer it to sd wav format. i use a Jackson dinky guitar which i love!!! my actions all out, the neck needs sorting out, upward bow, sounds great with ernie ball super slinky 9-42 strings they`re truely awesome!, had to get this song out my head and into a wave format. thats the hard part. its in its rawest form, never done metalcore growls before now they need work for sure, so go easy on me haha`, i love *Parkway drive* listening to heavier artists made me wanna try` i`m new to music, only had my guitar and amp a few months, within a minute of setting it up i had the main riff to PTS War, im self taught! I struggle at times, but i try my best` put my heart n soul into it. its taking me by storm,… for those that don`t read my video text, the lyrics “what have you saw” PTS War…are intentionally distorted, im fully aware that it is bad English grammar…
please excuse the clickin sound and not so clear recording im trying to set up a home recording studio real soon.
there will be more songs to come…. i have endless riffs I am working on, thank you for listening to me!!! m/ Rob 333 UK
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