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The Moment I Was Struck By Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder Is Horrific

I Had A Moment Last Week Acted Instinctively & Posted To #Facebook I Look As Bad As I Felt #PTSD
I Am Grateful That I Am No Longer Having Panic Attacks, Extreme Anxiety, & Severe Agraphobia Truly! Prisoner Of State Abuse.

III. The System
The abuser perverts the system – therapists, marriage counsellors, mediators, court-appointed guardians, police officers, and judges. He uses them to pathologize the victim and to separate her from her sources of emotional sustenance – notably, from her children.

Forms of Abuse by Proxy

Socially isolating and excluding the victim by discrediting her through a campaign of malicious rumours.

Harassing the victim by using others to stalk her or by charging her with offences she did not commit.

Provoking the victim into aggressive or even antisocial conduct by having others threaten her or her loved ones.

Colluding with others to render the victim dependent on the abuser. #LifeSabotage

Source: Youtube