PTSD and Horses: How to Assess and Overcome

I explain in great detail how to properly diagnose your horse and what steps are needed to begin implementing the healing and recovery process in the full, 45-minute video. Please click here to watch the 45-minute, full-length video

As an equine behavior and rehabilitation specialist I have had the privilege of re-training and rehabilitating thousands of horses. This has been no easy feat either. It has taken a lifetime of study, learned skills and application, not to mention practice -practice and practice.

Much of my success rehabilitating horses suffering from severe trauma has relied on assessing the horse first and before I begin re-training. This is so important and for two great reasons:
1. No horse (or person) can learn when they are hurting, defensive or scared. You need an open, relaxed and confident mind to learn
2. Assessing allows me to get a baseline of information that will then help me:
a. Identify the horse’s true nature and learned behaviors (nurture) first and foremost, so I get a baseline of information that will then help me create a plan of action
b. Identify the difference between learned behavior, trauma, and PTSD – which one does the horse have or all three
c. Diagnose the behaviors so I can gauge the amount of time needed to re-train, re-pattern, basically form new habits
d. Diagnose the many different degrees of trauma and PTSD so I can determine the course of action and length of time needed

I have written two articles specifically about equine PTSD and how to rehabilitate. One was co-written with world-renowned animal behavior expert, Dr. Temple Grandin. Both articles educate you, giving you a better awareness about how it happens, how it works in the horse’s nervous system and brain and what’s needed to help them heal and recover.

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2019 Eclectic Horseman Magazine Article: “Training Horses with PTSD” with Dr. Temple Grandin

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