PTSD And Social Anxiety Feel The Same To Me | Billy-TX | Secular Sexuality 07.48

Living in a religious world it can be easy to forget that we’re all just talking primates with fancy computers. Our feelings, our beliefs and our relationships can all be confounded by the idea that there’s a way we were meant to be, should be or are supposed to behave. Annette James returns to the show this week to share with us fascinating evolutionary psychology and interpersonal neurobiology to help us reinterpret our mood and better understand our role on earth, not as fallen angels but as risen apes. We’ll use polyvagal theory and the latest research on our hearts and minds to learn how to communicate with our partners and with ourselves, plus your calls on the Atheist Community of Austin’s Secular Sexuality!

00:00 Intro
01:30 Annette James On The Polyvagal Theory
04:32 Evolution Of The Vagus Nerve, Understanding Our Nervous System
24:04 How Neuroplasticity Intersects With The Polyvagal Theory
26:01 Sam-(UK) | Coming Out Queer, Enby, Non-Christian. The Trifecta!
39:30 Coregulation Is All About Harmonizing Our Nervous Systems
56:28 Communication Is Key To Coregulation!
1:02:46 Turquoise-MI | Gender Is NOT A Synonym For Sex
1:16:44 Billy-TX | PTSD And Social Anxiety Feel The Same To Me
1:20:32 Applying Polyvagal Theory To One’s Life
1:27:40 Outro

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The Polyvagal Theory: Neurophysiological Foundations of Emotions, Attachment, Communication, and Self-regulation by Stephen Porges
Dr. Deb Dana’s work can be found at
The Error Of ‘Biological Sex’-

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