PTSD Awareness not all wounds are visible

Ok. I haven’t talked about some of this with a lot of you. But I feel like it needs to be said. I am a USN COMBAT ACTION VETERAN. I suffer from PTSD, severe anxiety, and severe depression amongst other things. It’s a very real thing for me to have suicidal thoughts. It’s a very real thing for a lot of vets and regular people too. I use cannabis to help with my problems. It’s the ONLY thing that seems to calm the rage and pain in my head. It’s the ONLY thing that keeps thoughts of self harm at bay. I’m not alone. 22+ of my brothers and sisters take their lives everyday. Maybe not all of them are just like me but I’ll bet some were. Our government has no problem stuffing opioids down our throats. Because they profit off of it. They are using our lives to make themselves rich. They refuse us a natural thing that god put here. They are allowing people to die. I can go get piss drunk whenever I want. That’s good for all of my ailments. Except the legal things that we can have or they give us will kill us. Even if it only saves a few isn’t it worth it after what we’ve done? I guess not. Money is all that matters in America. And I’m ashamed for the first time in my life to call myself an American.

Source: Youtube