PTSD: Confronting Sexual Trauma | PTSD Series Official Trailer [HD]

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PTSD: Confronting Sexual Trauma Series Official Trailer [HD]

The odds of developing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are high for survivors of sexual assault: According to McGill Journal of Medicine, up to 94 percent experience symptoms during the first two weeks after the incident, and up to 50 percent may struggle long-term. For these survivors, even the smallest day-to-day events — like triggering news about sexual assault — can hit especially hard. And like any mental health issue, PTSD can be debilitating. Whether you’re trying to support a sexual assault survivor or just seeking to understand the #MeToo movement more clearly, this original series with Dr. Cheryl Arutt will tell you what you need to know. MedCircle presents, PTSD: Confronting Sexual Trauma.

HOST: Kyle Kittleson
PRODUCER: Brigid McCuen
CAMERA OP: Tony Oberstar
EDITOR: Isaac Banuelos

Source: Youtube