This is the demo version of PTSD-COVID from my forthcoming album.
It is my first release in over 10 years and I’m a little rusty so please forgive any obvious production glitches.

For the last 6 or 7 years I’ve been looking after my mum who suffered with Early Onset Alzheimer’s and after her sad passing in May 2020 found myself, like everyone, in this pandemic craziness. The lockdown and isolation has simply continued for me – I must have broken a mirror or something.
The positive result is that it has enabled me to concentrate on music. Writing and recording like crazy and rediscovering myself.

PTSD-COVID is my message of support for the Doctors, Nurses and Care staff of our wonderful NHS and all Medics Worldwide. Mum was a State Enrolled Nurse and had she been fit would certainly have been on the front line well into her seventies. Selflessly duty bound, mum would have always put others first. The danger would have been for us to worry about as would not have affected her desire to assist those in greatest need.

The title PTSD-COVID is an obvious reference but the emphasis is on the Trauma that will remain as we eventually emerge from this pandemic.
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder could be the next…

I hope you enjoy,

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