PTSD – Dealing with Trauma: The Body Keeps the Score

A video to summarise how the body keeps the score – how trauma affects a person.

If you have experienced trauma you may have experienced PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) or even Complex PTSD. You may realise it’s so hard to communicate, you may over react to situations and find difficulties with relationships. The cause of PTSD is not chemical or psychological but it’s neurological – it’s stored in our brains. This affects the structures in the developing the brain.

I’ve suffered from complex PTSD but when I knew what it was I found ways I could regulate my state of mind, I became more aware of my thinking, I made decisions on my therapy and controlled my reactions and I’m able to talk openly about my symptoms of PTSD.

Maybe you live with someone or know a friend with PTSD … this may help you or someone you know. Self awareness is highly important and many women who have joined my women inspired group have expressed the need for self awareness.

Supportive mind, body, heart and spirit therapies – Paths to healing and wellness
✅ Writing – self expression what bothers us is very effective – to manage and process fears and resentments – just need to write them down
✅ Somatic body therapies – touch, massage, body movement (check out somatic psychology)
✅ Vicious exercise working up a sweat
✅ Transformational Dance – moving trapped emotional energy
✅ Train the body to feel safe – present and focused
✅ The way you hold your body – Gesture of joy – arms high and widely in praise
✅ Exercise the curious muscle in the neck – get out of fear and anxiety.
✅ Talk up Creative writing or creative art – traffic people are astoundingly creative
✅ Cycle of competence
✅ empowering yourself from what disempowered you in the first place is a good way to start retiring the brain – resting the lymphatic system
✅ Prayer and meditation – bring in that higher source of healing powers
✅ Healing trauma needs deep nurturing relationships
✅ Accompanied with EMDR therapy / NLP
For more information check out:
✅ Buy this helpful Book: The body keeps the score – by Dr. Bessel van der kolk.
If you have walked a terrible walk with trauma everything fits into place when you read this book.

For real change to take place the body needs to live in reality that the danger has passed.
Also Watch this addtional video for more information to understand you or others dealing with PTSD.

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