PTSD exacerbated by Continuum of Care not discharging survivor of abuse and discrimination

The jist of it :
Violations are escslating and the bully and stalker is praised for antagonizing me. The staff thought this would just be an easy paycheck. They want revenge because I said to discharge me from the entire system.
This is discrimination.
Continuum of Care is a hate group. I’m constany antagonized by a bully and the staff praise him. I said to discharge me from this entire system, and there’s been escalating violations since then.
PTSD was exacerbated when prescribers refused to lose a customer by tapering the drugs and the withdrawal symptoms meant yet more trauma from being locked up.
I’m relentlessly reminded of my traumatic past.
When forced to take a side, I chose the correct one and I’m among those winning what we were coerced into.
Upon being charged a fortune to not be harassed over medical necessity, the struggle continues. I’m entitled to closure. Medical necessity isn’t “abuse” and nobody needs a prescription for a prehistoric medicinal herb when all us is inherentlt medicinal. Reapeating a lie won’t make it true. Nobody went “insane” from a relaxing medicinal herb that saves lives and there can’t be a valid reason to hate medical necessity as if prehistoric medicine would require approval from irrational psychiatrists or anyone else. Anybody motivated isn’t “lazy and apathetic” nor could the medical necessity possibly “impair concentration” or “cause brain damage” or et cetera. Psychedelic therapy is incontrovertible and the “freak outs” are unlikely to occur in a therpeutic setting. This means a lack of customers for pharmaceutical companies who already lost customers to medicinal cannabis.
Falsified medical records still include the misdiagnosis for the insurance fraud, hence I’m still subjected to rampant harassment because of the bogus records since 2005.
The bully and stalker, Mike Inigo is always given support for harassing me for telling him off because ignoring hin would be futile and it’s better to be assertive. I’m not his only target. The staff here give me worse anxiety attacks by attempting to commit me instead of either providing “services” as promised or discharging me.
Discrimination includes mentalism or sanism, a variation of abelism or disabelism.

Source: Youtube