PTSD Following Violent Attack I The Speakmans

Prison Officer Attack PTSD

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Whilst on duty ten years ago Cliff Goodwin, a father and former prison guard was brutally attacked by a prisoner. He was punched in the face and required reconstructive surgery on his nose. In the subsequent tussle he feared for his life as he was bumped against the cell walls. He was subsequently diagnosed with severe PTSD and depression which became so severe he had to leave the job he loved. He suffers persistent intrusive memories of the face of the man who attacked him. He suffers traumatic nightmares dreaming of the assault and then being tied up and dragged to witness his family being slaughtered. He often sweats profusely and shakes uncontrollably. He feels like an absent husband and father and he can no longer read stories to his daughter at bedtime. Overall his life and his marriage are at their wit’s end. Cliff is in desperate need of Nik and Eva’s help.

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