PTSD From Grooming I The Speakmans

At the age of fifteen Victoria was controlled and groomed by an adult who subjected her to months of psychological sexual abuse and rape. Victoria went on to suffer with PTSD, anxiety and depression. Years of therapy and various medications were prescribed to no avail as Victoria self harmed and took multiple overdoses leading to regular hospitalisation.

Victoria’s PTSD manifests itself in many different ways (panic attacks, depression, feelings of helplessness) but most of all audio flashbacks. Tired of having to cope with “the voices” every day, taking her own life often seemed like the only option for Victoria. In absolute desperation she sought help from Nik and Eva in the hope they could release her from her PTSD and give her a life she had never known as an adult. If she could overcome her PTSD Victoria’s ambition is to change the laws regarding sex education in schools for it to also include education around consent and what to do or who to speak to if you of you suspect someone you know is experiencing sexual abuse. She also would like to set up her own support group for rape and sexual assault survivors.

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