PTSD From My Lvad??

My Story : At Age 22 on may 19th 2019 I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. I was given 3 medications to take at the time and on November 21,2019 I collapsed and was sent back to the hospital where I was told my heart failure had worsened. I was told about a device called the LVAD (Left Ventricular Assist Device) a machine that is planted in the heart to take over the function of pumping blood. December 9th 2019 I was implanted with the device and was released from the hospital on December 31,2019. I decided to make a YouTube channel to bring awareness to my condition and educate the world. I eventually joined tiktok to bring awareness and share the cool things about the lvad and how I am living with it while I wait for transplant. Currently at 186K followers. I have been featured on the American heart association tiktok page and was on TV where I talked about my lvad and how I stay so positive.

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Story Time – Heart Failure to Lvad at 22Yrs Old

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