When massa house on fire somebody who doesn’t living in the home runs yelling ever our home on fire!!! We always trying to please white folk. We’ve been condition to protect them. Police white officer was fighting a black guy and a black men standing by jumped in to help massa. He went against his own to help the ENEMY. So we have been program, to believe if I help you , that I you will give me a cookie if I turn on your own. We no longer need the kkk to murder or the government to destroy our plan of building or our plan to be free. We will sabotage ourselves. We will turn on our own. Nat turner when he was going around trying to be liberated, how did he get caught ? One of his own that was on his team went and told what he was doing. When Harriet Tubman was running to be free she had to murder one of her family members because he was going to turn back and she knew he would tell if they preassured him enough. Every time we try to be free someone turns on us.The black panther his security turned on him gave the FBI a plan of his house so they knew where he was sleeping, also drugged everybody in the house. Join me for more on The PTSD Sydrome we as black folk suffer from. BLOGTALKRADIO.COM @7pm
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