PTSD: How Transcendental Meditation Can Free The Mind

After learning the TM® technique, refugee Esperance Ndozi delights in her newfound calm, relaxation, ability to sleep, and the healing taking place in her traumatised heart. She says, “Me? I’m free.”

Esperance says, “when the heart and the mind is stressed then you get tears, they just come. But now when the mind fresh, if you asked me to cry now I cant, it is not there in me.” When recounting how she used to have insomnia, waking up and remembering the past, “I feel like it was in somebody’s else’s body. Not me, me? Im free.”

Esperance Ndozi is one of many African refugees taught the TM technique for free, as part of the David Lynch Foundation’s African PTSD Relief project.

Two recent peer reviewed studies, published in the Journal of Traumatic Stress demonstrate that the TM technique can help relieve PTSD symptoms in African refugees. These studies extend earlier research reporting that TM practice significantly reduces PTSD symptoms in Vietnam and Iraq/Afghanistan War veterans.

Study #1: In this 135-day study, 90% of refugees with high levels of PTSD symptoms decreased to non- symptomatic levels within 30 days of learning the TM technique. In contrast, the non-meditating control group showed no reduction in PTSD symptoms.
(Reference: Journal of Traumatic Stress 26: 295-298, 2013.)

Study #2: War refugees exhibited clinically significant reductions of PTSD symptoms within 10 days of learning TM, technique. Over the subsequent 30 days, practitioners continued to experience reductions in PTSD symptoms.
(Reference: Journal of Traumatic Stress 27: 112-115, 2014.)

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