PTSD in Abuse Survivors & Veterans of War: “Conquering the Enemy, the Memory Within”

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Discussion on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) appearing in Abuse Survivors and Veterans of War – How Abuse Survivors Can Now Be Helped to Deal Painful Memories & Flashbacks that Have Become the “Enemy Within.” How Survivors can lead normal lives with the help of new techniques in medicine, psychiatry and cognitive therapies.

(Program note: This program was recorded in early 2020, just before the COVID pandemic, George Floyd murder, and military-style assaults upon American civilians on US streets. Because of the timing, these topics are not included in the wartime discussion, but many of the traumas suffered by those in the cross-hairs of this violence, may still benefit this discussion).

Guest: Dr. Roger Pitman, Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School,& Psychiatrist at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). He served as a psychiatrist in the US Navy during the Vietnam era, and later served for 30 years in the Dept. of Veterans Affairs prior to affiliating with MGH in Boston, Massachusetts. Dr. Pitman is the recipient, of the “International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies Award” for Outstanding Scientific Achievement in the field of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and its “Lifetime Achievement Award.”

His work in the research of PTSD spans more than 25 years; and he has created more than 100 peer-reviewed publications on PTSD, and greater than 200 publications in general psychiatric and medical literature. He has appeared on numerous media outlets, including a 2006 appearance on ‘60 Minutes’ – sharing his research on the causes, and treatments of PTSD.

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2006 – Episode of 60 Minutes with Leslie Stahl & Dr. Roger Pitman, MD

Source: Youtube