PTSD insomnia mental health breakdown (not cute)

*DISCLAIMER this entire video are snippets from a result of my “episode” and can be triggering so if you have PTSD insomnia anxiety addiction or an eating disorder you may want to watch something else.
For my friends who have been wondering i’ve documented. the entire thing. if you’d like the rest of the footage for *educational and Entertainment purposes only* i will im port the rest.
this is a compilation of my insomnia, mania, and ptsd episode lasting a total of 5 days. i have more footage but i just want people to see what it’s like for me. Mental Health is important. *IT IS NOT CUTE it is NOT fun or whatever it’s torture.*
i hope you can understand and i hope everyone had the best day they could. As of today i have slept for almost a day and a half and starting watching and going over what i was going to display.
Also it will help me help others and myself feel less alone.
thank you to everyone that has been so loving and supportive with me through this.

also it is off snapchat because i cant just set up a ring-light and put on a happy face. its the fastest way to film myself. and the reason fr that is because its so unpredictable and happens so fast i really hope this helps someone and or someone can see this and say hey maybe i can help her bcus i understand whats happening to her as she does not obviously haha!

remember this world needs a little more love so if you made it this far from human to human i love you and try to have the best day you can! #chooselove #makesureyourfriendsareokay

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