PTSD is a “Silent Epidemic.” Here’s How We End it. [Series Premiere]

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Over 70% of U.S. adults have experienced a traumatic event at least once in their lives. That’s over 220 million Americans. And 20 percent of THOSE people go on to develop the debilitating illness known as post-traumatic stress disorder. So we traveled to New York to sit down with leading psychiatrist and PTSD expert Dr. Judith Joseph. Welcome to the MedCircle original series, “PTSD from Traumatic Events: Ending The Silent Epidemic.”

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EPISODE 1: What PTSD Actually Is: the Science, the Causes & the Myths You Need to Know

EPISODE 2: The Warning Signs of PTSD & How the Diagnosis Works

EPISODE 3: How to Find the Right Treatment for PTSD – & Resources Available

EPISODE 4: What is Workplace PTSD & How Can You Overcome It?

EPISODE 5: How to Recognize & Conquer the Triggers of PTSD


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