PTSD Is Not A Disorder


I’m about to say something that might offend you
(depending on where you’re at in your healing journey).

Here it is:

PTSD is NOT a Disorder.

I invite you to think of it this way:

Imagine you’re walking on the sidewalk and you get attacked by someone coming after your wallet.

You go through an event that is too much, too soon, too fast for your Nervous System to adapt.
BOOOOM. A cascade of an internal chemical-cocktail releases to mobilize your body to respond to the threat and survive.

If that internal energy isn’t fully felt, released, or processed (or Integrated) through the physiology, that survival energy gets “stuck” in the system.
This protective, adaptive autonomic response that isn’t properly integrated induces a bio-chemical injury that leaves a “stain” on your Nervous System.

These stains accumulate in our lives, and depending on how many of these emotional injuries we sustain on top of our physical ones,
the internal pressure builds, and soon it feels like you’re pretty much on the edge of a mental breakdown….

And then you get ONE MORE TRIGGER…….

then you pop.

You get the wake up call.

Anxiety and panic attacks.
Digestive issues.
Chronic back pain.
Headaches and Jaw issues.
Hormones out of whack.
Hair loss, skin flare ups.

Need I say more?

Then you go to a doctor and they diagnose you with a disorder,


What’s the “that” for you?

I guarantee you it’s not the pandemic that’s the problem.

From my observation, the pandemic as been the “Wake up call” for most of us.

Either you used this time to “wake up” or to keep hiding.

I just spoke with a woman who had her MOST RECENT Post Traumatic Stress “Injury” after losing her mother.

You see, attachment traumas like grief of the loss of a loved one IS A TRAUMA, and it’s normal to feel “injured” after.
It’s not a disorder.
It’s not a weakness.

(hi can you tell I’m a tad bit nutty? Who do you know that is THIS passionate about HEALING TRAUMA?

That’s my point.
The best part is that by reframing what you went through NOT as a DISORDER, but an INJURY is:

This is NOT necessarily a Life Sentence.

Not if you don’t want it to be.
In helping folks heal their traumas, one of the biggest surprises I didn’t expect to see was
that many feel so identified with their traumas, a part of them doesn’t want to let go of that identity.

When I say this to people, I get tons of hate.
People think I’m victim blaming.

I just want to help change the conversation about Trauma….
beginning with the context that you DO NOT HAVE A DISORDER.

It’s an Injury that causes us to RUPTURE FROM OURSELVES.

Find a community that helps empower you with some tools,
a map, and a guide to help with the difficult parts (let’s not kid ourselves,
it can be quite a treacherous path in healing our Trauma) because you never want to go at it alone.

We heal in community.
I want you to know it’s an honor to guide you into becoming more of a friend to yourself.

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