PTSD is very real with cancer, here's why…

Post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD has become more of a term that is used in the mainstream media.

Current events Have really brought this topic into the limelight.

It really came to light due to the trauma and experiences that war veterans went through during their time of service.

But what people are starting to realize is that it really can apply to any sort of traumatic experience, not just war and the terrible toll that takes. Experiences like car accidents, death of a loved one, really any sort of experience that would cause severe emotional distress.

And cancer is no different.

It brings on a lot of different emotions, anxiety, fear and even depression.

With my reoccurrence, a lot of these emotions and feelings have come to light and I have also witnessed this through my family members also.

Internal Architect is an independent project that helps Hodgkin Lymphoma survivors with a Survivorship Care Plan.

This does not constitute medical advice, only an opinion based on experience.

This video can have meaning to anyone but is focused on helping those that are Hodgkins Lymphoma Patients and Survivors.

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