SEEKING the wanderlust of nomadic off-grid life in a car, van or SUV…

TODAY’S video covers ongoing SUV DIY–the removal of rear seating and hardware–floorplan ideas to convert into a home on wheels. ALSO–boondocking and stealth camp APP, cold weather sleeping in an SUV, swearing, rage, anger and how to live a better life.

THIS IS A REAL-LIFE CHANNEL about a guy living with PTSD–travelling Canada and the United States in his 2014 Toyota 4Runner, and experiencing the adventure of nature’s footpaths, trails and mountains–hiking to heal one step at a time.

THIS CHANNEL SUPPORTS the First Responder, War Veteran and Everyday Hero… FInding the goodness in life from darkness, depression, homelessness and PTSD–found within the true stories of heroes, hurting, healing and helping forward.

Acknowledgment: Xplorer Steve


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Source: Youtube