PTSD & Me – body and mind recovery weekend

This is a daily video (from 09 May 2021) for our Facebook Group: PTSD_Our Place. As we’re having trouble with FB live I’m posting here tonight.

In our previous video I told you that I wasn’t feeling well, and the symptoms were both mental and physical. Well today I’m feeling better, after two days of rest time. Going for a walk each day, amongst the trees, really helped. And, making this video for you has really helped me too, so thank you.

If you have PTSD and you want to talk, or take a look at some of my videos and posts, please come on over to Facebook Group PTSD_Our Place:

We talk about PTSD, and everything else other than PTSD. Oh, except politics and religion haha. The two no no’s at a dinner table, and in our hangout place 😀 I like to talk about trees, flowers, cats, collecting rocks, writing and poetry, calligraphy, decluttering, organising, exercising, life experiences, funny stories, comedy, art, literature, philosophy, my playlists, YouTube channels I watch, true crime, abandoned places, collecting, crafting, mindset and motivation… and the list is not finished!

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Coach Katie-Marie
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