PTSD mind & body defrag tool

I made this video for myself. Others have asked me to post it on my YouTube channel. This is a tool that I have used for years to clear all emotional and physical traumas that have created PTSD in my being. I call this treasure of a healing tool the mind/ body defrag. Before I watch it I write down all conflicts and physical traumas that upsets me to think about. I give each traumatic memory a file name. Then I watch the stick or pen as I recall every detail of the traumatic memory that I intend to clear. I watch this video as many times as it takes to get the emotional trigger gone. I know when it has cleared when I feel neutral when I recall every detail of that traumatic memory. Other good indicators that the memory cleared, that I watch for, is that I start to breathe more deeply and am feeling relaxed. Feeling calm and centered. Sighing is another physical indicator that tells me that the emotional trauma cleared. If I still feel an emotional charge when I think about the memory after doing one run through on it, I do another run through of this video until I feel neutral about that particular memory. I stop when I feel at peace.

*Medical disclaimer, I do not offer health advice or medical advice. This video is for entertainment purposes only.

Source: Youtube