PTSD Patrol healing is not an Impossible Dream

“To run where the brave dare not go” is where we are. “To fight the unbeatable foe” is what we are doing right now because we know it is not an “Impossible Dream” to beat the enemy of PTSD.

Originally I was doing a message that left me depressed. It was about the sad outcome for far too many, but as it says in the Bible Mark 12:27 “He is not God of the dead, but the God of the living,”

Miracles happen all the time, no matter how impossible we may think they are to achieve. When the scars on our bodies heal, new skin comes in. When the scars of our hearts heal, new comes in. We are able to let go of a lot of things, to forgive when there was a time we thought we’d never be able to do it. We can experience a much happier life the we dreamt was possible.

Nothing is impossible unless we are willing to accept what is, just because someone told us that was all there was. We have too many examples of what is possible to inspire us.

Source: Youtube