PTSD Patrol What are friends for?

Is a friend someone who will help you move? Or would they say, “let me know what your new address is” because they want to send you a Christmas card?

Is a friend someone who will go to the store for you when you are not well, or do they tell you can get delivery?

Is a friend someone who will spend time with you, listen to you when you are depressed or lonely…or do they tell you to call them when you are feeling better?

So how many can you call friend now? Can they call you friend when they need someone to be there for them? That is what friends are for.

When they have PTSD, they are feeling as if they do not deserve anyone to care about them. That feeling grows deeper the longer it goes on and more people turn away from them. Are you reenforcing that by letting their calls go to voice mail? Are you feeding it by telling them you are tired of hearing the same story over and over again and it is time for them to “get over it” no matter what it is?

Source: Youtube