PTSD Patrol you control the next page

Today the feature video is Bob Seger Turn The Page. We keep changing the story of our lives everyday. New chapters are written all the time. In the process of writing ours, we keep writing in the book of our parents lives.

When you survived whatever caused PTSD to become part of your story, it began rewriting the chapter you were living with. All the other chapters, fed off that one.

The thing is, if you decide to change the chapters from this point on, then you control how the rest of your story goes. How do you want to leave those you care about? Do you want to leave them with warm memories knowing you did everything possible to be the best you could be, make a good difference for their sake and take the power you have to change for the better? Or do you want to leave them with a story that has no ending, no peace and endless questions you will never be able to answer?

You control what is on the next page and the page after that.

#BreakTheSilence and #TakeBackYourLife from #PTSD

Source: Youtube