PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Message of Hope During Covid-19 2020. Recommended Books.

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PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Awareness. Message of hope for fellow sufferers.
Tips to help cope with isolation, especially during quarantine of the covid-19 2020 lockdown.

Although we have awareness days & weeks in the year. As sufferers we have this 365 days, so please pass this message on to anyone you know who is struggling.

Recommended reading to help heal;
Peter A Levine, PHD – In An Unspoken Voice
Bessel Van Der Kolk – The Body Keeps The Score
Pete Walker – Complex PTSD- From Surviving to Thriving

Please note; this recorded message wasn’t easy to do. I had to refilm several times. Slight hash up job with the editing in parts, technology isn’t my forte! The books mentioned, I read a couple of years ago so there may be slight confusion with the author’s qualifications. More information will be available on my blog.The advice given is based on my personal experiences with PTSD. What may be right for one, may not be right for another. Always best to seek advice from a professional in the first instance for a diagnosis & treatment options. My intention for posting this is to help others by giving them a message of hope when living with a pervasive health condition. To help raise awareness that anyone can have this condition & survive through learning as much as you can about it.
Do stop and think twice before leaving negative comments online. You never know what someone is going through. Sharing is caring! Shaming is scathing!

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