PTSD- Post traumatic stress syndrome

What is, when does it happen, how does it function, how is it treated and how regression can help with ptsd disorder. Essence of the story is that you are not feeling safe, for legitimate reasons, but that feeling has continued long after those reasons have ceased. Sleeping disorder I am mentioning can go in various ways, you can have insomnia and not sleep at all, or you sleep too much, or you go to sleep at odd hours. Sexual addictions too can go in many way, you can become promiscuous and need many partners to fill the void, or just a particular set of partners, or you can only have sex in certain circumstances, or develop fetishism, or you avoid sex, there can be many scenarios. As with all other addictions and disfunctionalities. I am deliberately not mentioning plant medicines that can help with it as it is not my field of expertise so I do not want to go into something I am not familiar with. All I am talking about extends too astral attacks too as it is a war too and you are hurting people you are not actually observing as human beings in your distorted point of view and thus you are creating karma for your self that is very hard to get out from, and this has nothing t do with spirituality at all because it is based on judgement and ego beliefs, no matter how justified it seems to be (like from mafia too, as spiritual mafia it is). It is always advisable to think that everything comes a full circle so what goes around comes around. Just saying. I am sorry if this topic is too dark for you but it is an ex professor and peacemaker talking through me, so move along if you are bothered, but we are living in a collective that has been experiencing many wars so there is nothing wrong with being aware of what that has done to us, and how is it keeping us stuck in collective (and individual) pathologies and immature behavior. So take what resonates with you and leave the rest, it might even help you.

‘I have had enough, I long for my peace, leave my life be, I have the right to love and be happy, I won’t ask anyone of who should I love. When I have the right to pain, I have the right to be happy too, I won’t ask, i won’t ask anyone, of who should I love.’ When I have the right to pain, Vida Pavlovic


Source: Youtube