PTSD (Prod. ShinoX Mkr) *Unmastered*

new sounds, enjoy


ShinoX Mker on the track
I was found dead in Florida

These pussy niggas talk
Left me shell shocked, gave me PTSD
And, the aftermath was me cutting my arm
Cutting myself
Who was to blame? All these bitches lame
Step up to the game if you aint pussy
You tryna bring me down but you only giving clout to my name

Went insane
I done went insane
You can’t tell because I’m trill
Been trill in this bitch
Meskimo is up next
If you aint down well nigga catch this fade
Aye, word to my niggas in the Chi and Florida

Took a tab of ecstasy
That pussy’s ecstasy
All these niggas next to me
They wanna fuck with me

[Verse 2]
Rollin round town with a blade
Cut your face up with a gaze, got a smile on my face
All these bitches wanna play games
Told em I ain’t with that game shit
Fuck up off my dick if you not EBK
Word to the streets said I lost 3 fights
But i’m coming up so you better duck you cunt
Better fuckin run
Before you get stunned
Get popped, got the blade in the cut

2 niggas ganged up on me
I shoulda pulled out the blade and switch that shit on em
Make those pussies sing on foenem
And cut their throats open so they can’t the difference between living or not

Source: Youtube