PTSD Rating Scale for VA Disability Claims Explained

Learn how VA rates Veterans’ PTSD for disability benefits during today’s CCK LIVE! Our Veterans advocates will discuss the PTSD rating scale, give examples of symptoms and severity, provide valuable tips for your PTSD VA disability claim, and answer common questions we hear from Veterans.

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0:00 Introduction
0:55 Introduction to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) VA Claims
2:10 PTSD Stressors and Common Examples
3:10 Intro to PTSD and Mental Health VA Ratings
4:13 0% PTSD Rating Criteria: 0% Ratings Still Matter!
5:20 10% PTSD VA Rating Explained
6:20 30% PTSD VA Rating and Symptoms
7:52 50% PTSD VA Rating and Symptoms
9:50 70% PTSD VA Rating and Symptoms
12:23 100% PTSD Ratings
14:30 TDIU for PTSD
16:49 Do I Need to Have Every Symptom Listed to Meet that Rating?
17:54 What if My Symptoms Match Multiple Ratings?
19:45 Closing Thoughts and Tips for PTSD Claims

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