PTSD Recovery with Yogic Practices and 3rd Eye Awakening

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I received a PTSD diagnosis and had some very severe symptoms. (trigger warning: self harm) but now after a month of yoga, yogic practices, organic vegetarian food, meditation and introspective practices I feel like I am recovering and no longer having symptoms! Click see more to find out how you can have this too.

Inner Awakening, the ultimate yoga spiritual program for everyone:


Sadashivatva, for people wishing to join as an adheenavasi and make a long term commitment:

Pancha Kriya (my daily traditional yogic chakra cleansing practice)
1. neem juice
2. eye wash
3. neti pot
4. plain water enema
5. haritaki before bed

More about Haritaki

Nithya Yoga:

Swamiji speaks about the possibility of third eye awakening:

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