PTSD – resolve the rage and guilt

The rage of full-blown PTSD is horrendous to live through, and horrendous to live with…
and often, let’s face it, it can also be frustrating and exhausting for the therapist to sit in front of an angry or dissociated client for session after session, seeing only small, incremental improvement.

Anger management techniques hardly touch the rage. Why? Because the structure of the brain has changed. The fight flight freeze response stays locked ‘on’.

What if there was a way to turn that switch ‘off’?
– AND to do it safely, quickly and effectively..
The symptoms of PTSD, the rage, guilt, nightmares etc, would simply disappear..
and they do.

If there was a way, if it was possible, and generally in only 3 sessions, would it interest you to find out more?

If there was a way, just imagine the impact of that…

Source: Youtube