"PTSD scene", from 2018.."Hooligans". Written and directed by T.WiNDSOR

Actor Daniel Monk and friends took to my rescue as to help create the first and only scene that would be shot during my inspiration to start scripting and blocking and original concept that would involve up to 12 people that were all going to act for free. I thank each one of those who agree to participate, it is a project on the back burner. This particular scene is the second scene while introducing the main character who has now been retired from the force, an undercover cop, who experiences flash backs of an incident where his lover was caught in the cross-heirs after he had been found out by the gang he was infiltrating. Danny, Jen Long and Roy Bond and with the help of B.J. the make-up artist, helped capture this scene at Dan house and we had a great time.

Source: Youtube